About Me

Hi there! and welcome to my little corner of the internet. My name is Melody and I’m what’s considered a modern day renaissance woman.

According to Aspire Magazine there are 7 Signs You May be a Modern-Day Renaissance Woman:

1. “You still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up—not because nothing interests you, but because so many things interest you.”
This is so very true… I’ve been in more types of jobs than I care to remember. I’ve even went and received 4 degrees – all in completely unreleated fields of study!

2. “You can think of at least three ways to earn a living, and the idea of having to choose one feels suffocating to you. You love the idea of having multiple streams of income.”
Once again, this is very true. Having to choose just one thing and focus on just that is like a torture.

3. “You’ve worried you may be a Jack-of-all-Trades, even though you’ve developed a level of mastery in many or even all of your areas of interest. You sometimes feel like a fraud.”
I’m still not sure of my ‘level of mastery in many’ but I’ve been told by many different people over the years that the things I do are on a high level.

4. “You’ve felt ashamed about your inability to choose one thing, lest you’d appear scattered or unfocused.”
This is so very true. I’ve even tried for years to have a niche website / blog but every time I did I failed because it just was not enough to keep my attention for very long.

5. “You’re a natural multi-tasker. You’d think nothing of doing one thing from nine to noon, another from one to three, and a third from four to six. You love variety in your work.”
YES!!! I cannot explain it but somehow the more things I have to do the more seem to be able to accomplish! I really think this is a mental thing – if I’m only working on a couple of things I’ll easily get bored and slip into a rut of doing nothing. However, when I’m doing many things I can easily jump from one thing to another and stay busy and get things accomplished.

6. “You want more freedom. You gave up something you enjoyed because your full-time job and personal responsibilities left no room in your life to pursue it. Yet, it’s always on your mind—a subtle, but ever-present reminder that makes you think it’s not meant to be forgotten.”
I would absolutely adore more freedom and time to do the things that interest me! Then again, I think most people would also.

7. “You’ve often wondered if have ADD. In fact you’d almost welcome the diagnosis because it would explain why you can’t pick something. The trouble is, you really don’t have a problem with focus. You generally finish what you set out to do.” 
Actually, I do have an ADD diagnosis even though it is questionable. And I do have a problem with focus but I do finish things. Imagine being someone giving a press release with a room full of reporters yelling out questions to you – that’s what it’s like in my head – but instead of random questions, it’s all different ideas and thoughts of things I can do, want to do, and want to learn.


Now that I’ve explained that bit, let me tell you a bit more about us.
I, Melody Gould, am a momma to 3 kids and have 1 granddaughter. My oldest daughter is 24 and has a 3 year old daughter herself. My only boy is 23. My youngest daughter is only 5. We – hubby, myself, and our 5 year old live in a rural county in Georgia. We’ve decided that the best thing to do is homeschool our youngest for as long as possible due to multiple reasons. We’re also hoping to be moving this coming fall/winter. Currently we are just renting and are searching high and low for a property that will allow us space to build the house of my dreams, have a mini farm, and become much more self-sustaining.

Some of the things that I like to do that you will probably read about at some point here include (in no particular order): all kinds of general crafting, sewing, quilting, hand embroidery, crocheting, gardening, preserving food, cooking, home schooling, girl scouts, fishing, hunting, and other things that just not coming to me at the moment. LOL

If there is anything you’d like to know or ask, just let me know! I’m looking forward to getting to know those who visit my stie.