Mini Wardrobe Planning Take 2

Well, I finished up my little girl’s “deer” dress (the focal print is a deer print) and we both absolutely love it! So much so that I’ve already cut out fabric for 4 more. However, I’m thinking I’ll go back and cut out enough for 2 more.

For the contest you must make 5 articles of clothing and be able to make 6 different looks from them without including other items of clothing and it takes a minimum of 2 pieces to make a look. Therefore a dress alone is not allowed. I’m thinking for each mini wardrobe I’ll make her 3 dresses, 1 raglan sleeved top, and 1 pair of leggins. From my calculations I could get more than the 6 required looks from those options. However, I’m also considering hacking the Ruffle Sleeve Top from Peppermint Magazine to fit her so she can wear those under the dresses as well. Hmmmm. We’ll see.

Yes, the options are focused around dresses simply because that is what my youngest wears. Period. In order to get her to wear sleeves and leggings when it’s cold is to have a dress on over them. LOL That’s just the way she is and I’m fine with that.

Time to get cutting!

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