Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe Contest part 1

This year I’ve been procrastionating a bit and I’ve not a thing yet for Nikki’s winter wardrobe. Nor mine… Not like we have much of a “winter” here, more like a longer fall with a few days that drop into freezing temperatures. So mostly our winter wardrobe is nothing but our typical summer wear layered. LOL

My girl is growing, and therefor needs new clothes. She’s all about her dresses! According to her, girls are supposed to wear dresses – that is 110% her thoughts and idea. Anyhow, I’ve found an adorable pattern that I can think of a bunch of ways to switch up to change the look. This is McCall’s pattern #5613 in sizes 7-14.

Personally, I prefer the scooped neckline because I feel that the straight top shows too much. Anyhow, I’ve just finished the first dress from this pattern and both her and I love it! I had the fabric pulled for it for almost a month ago, but never even cut it out until this past Friday. Typically, when I find a pattern that’s (1) not too fiddly, (2) something she likes and approves of, and (3) can be made from a variety of fabrics for different looks I’ll make up one and then if our opinions are still good, I’ll make up a bunch of them in different fabrics / colors. I’m loving this pattern because she can wear it as is for hot days and when it’s cooler, she can layer it with a top and leggins underneath.

I’m going to be entering the Mini Wardrobe Contest hosted by Pattern Review and I was thinking I’d do clothes for me. However, I’m now thinking that I’ll do her’s first. If I’m being completely honest, I’m hoping that I have enought time and energy to enter 2 wardrobes for her and 2 for me but I *highly* doubt it. LOL Realistically, I’ll be lucky if I get 1 mini wardrobe for each of us done. The first plan is for 4 more of those dresses and a raglan style shirt for her to wear underneath.

Well, I’m off to go cut out some fabric. Wish me luck!

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